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About Us

Sometimes, in order to achieve success one must stay right where they are. For James and Owen Klein, born and raised in North Bend, this was the case. After finishing their education at Bellevue College, they had no idea about what to do, but they worked part time as handymen and other temporal jobs. When the time to choose a life path came, the duo turned to what they thought it was one of the highest priorities in people’s lives – Personal and property security. That is, having the proper tools to achieve a feeling of safeness and avoid being burglarized.

James and Owen used their experience as handymen and their technical knowledge to create Locksmith North Bend, a company that provides effective solutions to keep your property away from undesired individuals. People in need of that extra protection just have to make a call or send an e-mail, and we will provide a free estimate and suggestions on how to maximize the effectiveness of your protective solutions. Being safe and sound was never so simple and fast!

Today, their customer service-focused company has grown a client base of more than one hundred satisfied customers in all areas: homeowners who seek a better lock for their front door, entrepreneurs who want to meet federal safety regulations and vehicle owners who need to get back their keys when they forget them inside their cars at night.

Locksmith North Bend received the Small Companies Award for best customer service in 2012, and James and Owen used the prize very wisely, as an opportunity to network and expand their business. In the future, they plan to open new agencies in the main neighborhoods of North Bend, Wood River, and Foster Woods.